Mud + Stone
Editorial Piece


The design focuses on the exploration of different mediums and textures iconic in mud + stone’s own work. Their name is composed of two distinct materials important to pottery —mud and stone— which is then predominantly featured as iconography in the logo. It adds emphasis to the capability of the studio to explore more thoughtful designs through different materials, usability, and the environment it is used at. They also advocate being minimalist so a clean and balanced identity is the ideal.

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The colours chosen are muted blues and burgundy with an accent colour of sky blue for contrast. For the typography, Arial Bold was chosen because of its distinct lowercase “t” that has a slanted ascender which follows the diagonal forms present in the iconography. For the marketing piece, it draw inspiration from the identity and the studio’s work. The booklet features different papers mimicking the roughened texture of the ceramics and textured images relating to the literal composition of the identity, again the —mud and stone. The similarity is again featured in the key spreads where the mud/wave icon is centred with the clay picture, the plus icon is featured in the partnership page, and the stone icon is placed in the closing spread. The whole flow of booklet follows the identity’s format with the mud to the plus to the stone.

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